#Caseable-my new Case

Today I will introduce my new case from caseable.
caseable produces its individual handmade cases in the metropolis Berlin and Brooklyn from recycled materials.It stands for creative, urban lifestyle and attempts your unique ideas and wishes to associate with unprecedented protection in form of cases and bags.
With the easy-to-use online designer you have the opportunity to create new designs, whether for smartphones, tablets or laptop sleeves or you can just use a design for your case or bag from the gallery.I opted for a private design and chose a scene from the movie 300, the oracle-my favorite scene.
Whether you want to create your own design or choose one of the many great, caseable is offering a large selection for everyone.
If you are owner of a Samsung Galaxy S3 you should take a look at the
following link: Best-seller.


Unknown said…
Hello from Spain, lovely.
Anonymous said…
great stuff;)
Unknown said…
Really very cool and so are the rings ;)
Beauty Follower said…
Cool rings and mani!

Now I would like to have such a case, too, because my phone still hasn´t any case ...

xx Rena

Anonymous said…
I didn't know about Caseable, but now I do! Really cool things!
Love from Las Tendencias No Acaban

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