#New Elegance

Dress/Boots:Zara, Belt/Rings/Sunnies/Bracelets:H&M



Hi, u look stunning! Love this outfit:)
Lovely snapshots! Have a fabulous time:)

Best wishes, Alex
Claudina said…
Nice photos!
Lalaine said…
Love this outfit! reminds me of gaga! lol.

blondebenedicte said…
fabolous dress dear! love also your bangle & the ring! And i adore the first gif, so cool! :)
bisous x
Modaitakietam said…
WOw, You look great, amazing dress!
ohhh nice nice biker boots!!!
Lady-Pa said…
richtig cool
das armband habe ich auch



Unknown said…
I love this dress and I really like it with studded bikers boots! Super cool look!

i adore your boots!
share the feeling
visit <3
enjoy the rest of the sunday! :)
Buzz said…
Following dear*
Unknown said…
oh those pictures are so beautiful! I would have to say that those boots are adorable!
Joe Black said…
beautiful outfit<3
Im youre new follower, would you like to follow me back?
Merel Driessen said…
I love your outfit! Amazing dress and lovely shoes! Thanks for you comment. And I think it's okay to follow eachother, I'll follow you!
Lots of love,

Unknown said…
I'm in love with this dress! Would you
like to follow each other??
Check out my blog and let me know!

Beautiful dress. I observe You and I invite You to observe my blog
Ilda said…
love it,those boots are s amazing,follow you,hope you can follow me :D
Done =)

And btw .. your boots are really amazing xD
Cashmeremafia said…
great blog!!! i follow you now
i hope you follow me back because love your blog ;)
kisses pretty
Iza said…
Great outfit.
You're pretty.
Minna said…
I love your blog its so classy and nice!:D and following each other is just fine by me:)
Tara said…
What an Amazing outfit! The colours and everything are spot on, looking mighty fine, dear!

And thankyou for ur comment, i'd be happy to follow eachother. :) following u now!

xx, Tara Alexandra
Accrochable said…
Wow you look beautiful! I really love your boots and dress :-)

We're going to follow you now, 'cause your blog is amazing!

xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug
Break the Chain said…
Hi :) thanks fot the comment, and yes we can follow you, if you follow us!
And btw we looove the dress!

follow us: http://breakthechainchain.blogspot.pt
Angelina said…
Hey! Good blog so I foolow you:) follow me back like you said)
-telmasofia said…
That boots are awesomee!
xoxo, Chance to change
Stunning dress!! you look beautiful
wondering if you would like to follow each other? :)
Unknown said…
Beautiful dress!

Steph-G said…
the dress looks stunning on you!

his little lady said…
Love the use of natural light in that one picture. So fierce! And of course loving this outfit and all of the accessories ;)
xo TJ
Claudi said…

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