Ly&an! my better half and I!

 My lovely A! 

I love the Boy(cut!)

I love the boycut so much! It doesn´t matter how you combine the jeans. Even a boring basic shirt looks good combined with the boycut jeans. 
So be honest do you like it???

Trench:Benetton, Blouse:Vero Moda,Blazer:H&M, Boycutjeans: H&M,Belt:H&M, Tie:H&M, Cap:H&M


Lovely Kate Moss!!!

Quelle: thefrisky.com
Quelle: thefrisky.com
Quelle: thefrisky.com
Quelle: thefrisky.com

Yes even if there are many scandals about kate moss and she may not necessarily get the award for mother of the year because of her little drug problem is one´s for sure, she is one of the most famous models. She is not only expressive but also very  convertible. I like this dirty little wicked in her expression. She represents for me the stylish dirty but sweet London!



Leather jacket:H&M, Necklace:H&M, Pants:H&M, Shirt: Zara

Somehow this outfit reminds me of a clown, missing is just the little bike and the huge shoes. So this clowny outfit will be now my first choice for visiting a circus and I bet no one will notice the real clown....:D